Outside the Lines is a range of writing including standalone articles and curations of interesting internet items.

It’s written by me, Eleanor Snare, artist and educator and @eleanorsnare on social media.

It comes out whenever the muse strikes.

My aim is to encourage you to colour outside the lines of life.

My Substack began September 2020, but I’ve been writing online for about 10 years. Scroll down to the bottom for links to previous editions of Outside the Lines (Mailchimp) or visit my blog.

Generally, I like to write about the following topics:

  • Earth: our home, nature and sustainability discussions

  • Emotions: our minds, hearts and how we act on feelings

  • Society: our organisations, collaborations and ‘togetherness’

  • Spirit: what connects us all and how this is experienced

[Colourful illustration of a Venn diagram labelled earth, emotions and society with the central segment labelled ‘spirit’]

You’ll also find me playing around with these three methods when it comes to the above topics:

  • Art and what we create

  • Education and how we learn

  • Healing and why we are here

[Colourful illustration of a Venn diagram labelled art, education and healing. Secondary labels say what we create, how we learn and why we’re here. The central segment is labelled ‘me’"]

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